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मौत के बाद याद आ रहा है कोइ,
मेरि कब्र से मित्ति उथा रहा है कोइ,
एह खुदा दो पल कि ज़िंदगि और देदे,
मेरि कब्र से उदास जा रहा है कोइ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MegaPixels of Love

today proved to be pretty eventful for me.

i finished my chota-hazari with pudina sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and some orange juice - protected inside the Tetra Pak.

the world's slimmest wristwatch commercialy available, a Titan Edge tied tightly on my left kalai, told me i must leave now.

i tucked the Ipod on my belt hastily, put the Metro pass ie a smart card in my wallet, and reached for my UVC-safe Oakley glasses.

i'll be goin' postpaid very soon, and a certain plan popularly known as Shunya-Rental, called for discussin' the fine print in person. 

when my token number started flashin' rapidly in the seven-segment display, i went to the helpdesk, only to find the CCE talkin' to Ram-jane-kaun.

h-i-i-i-i-i! i said. 

her lips quivered in a split-second and her facial expression changed to that of the poor passive partner, disconnected 'n' morose, silently ridin' the rough waves of momentary depression - right after a sudden non-consensual coitus interruptus. 

she showed me the V-sign, now what on Earth does that mean, wait for two minutes - or i'll make you Dhritarashtra if you dare to look below my AD-pendant? 

by Jove, i didn't!

she picked up her Sony Ericsson walkman phone and also the conversation from where she's left.

she seemed to be threatenin' her boyfriend, if he doesn't take her to the last minute christmas shopping at City Center and also to Sher-E-Punjab@vip for a full-fledged tandoori lunch with a dessert-ending, she's gonna - she simply switched her cell off and left lotsa guesswork for that guy in distress if not for me.

that reminded me also, what am gonna buy for this twenty-fifth?

as soon as the freaky TOS started to sound like queen's language in phonetic, i left hurriedly my triple-play provider's office, and walked past the Asiatic Society. 

do they still sell The Interpretation of Dreams and Hite Report at throw-away prices? i wondered - glancin' at the roadside boiwallahs adjacent to Indian Museum.

the footfall was less than usual. the vanishin' office stationery, shrinkin' radiis of the pizzas served by the contractual corporate caterer, zero ( arithmatic has had the infamous tradition of bein' always a hapless optimistic you know ) x-mas bonus - and the high-flyin' chick posed as a BPO exec inside the disc, solicitin' for applied love but now-a-days happens to return empty-handed quite often, they all point to the grim face of the ongoin' unca Sam's slump.

someone grabbed my elbow and whispered - hot DVD ache dada! 

i turned back and replied, eta dekhar noi korar boyos vai!!

may be i should indulge in some bargainin' and brush up my negociatin' and other soft skills for a while - i thought spottin' the srteetside fancy item vendor. 

aha! lighters, calculators, and virtually every possible e-item he's got. 

a school-lad came. moneybag ache? purse?? 

he was visibly dissatisfied, examinin' the plastic credit card holder, and his topless expectations were shattered to pieces - after findin' out an universal pic of the Bachchan-bahu glued inside.

ei takay ar ki pabe! the seller shrugged.

returnin' home, maintainin' my balance inside the Patal Rail, i scuba-dived the Atlantics of multitudinous thoughts and made circles beside the reef - what am supposed to buy this Borodin?

as the underground locomotive advanced with uniform acceleration, a voice spoke from my heart of hearts, have you ever thought of a wifi photoframe?

i heard 'bout this latest gizmo the day 'twas launched by Sony - but never cared actually coz nothing could be more tragic and ironic for some PrinceofKolkata with no siblings. 

but a new day has come.

i really dunno whether my kid dearest Nishu saw Taare Zameen Par or not, but she's wonderfully aware of a priceless lesson of life, in any lovin' relationship it's really important to tell that you care - as much important the raindrops are to a dyin' sapling. 

the digital heart's generous enough to accept a few hundred memories, and among them the inauguratory ones will be of my behen Nisha, whose every sms reiterated the soothin' truth that she cares. 

even the pyrotechnics of Diwali fades before the luminescence radiated by the megapixels of this god-gifted love.

lone, very alone, inside the maddin' crowd of Kolkata Metro - i badly wished it'd rain down. 

down on me. 

something warm...rollin' down my cheeks...was tellin' me the meaning of true attachments.

( 21st Dec-08. Satia Muntaha Nisha's a sweet young girl from Dacca, studyin' law, whom i met online a year ago. )


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